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My name is Daniel Andrade & I'm a Graphic Designer.

My name is Daniel Andrade
& I'm a Graphic Designer.


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My name is Daniel Andrade, and I am a third-year, Micro-Media student at Vanier College in Montreal. In January of 2021, I will begin my final semester of study, where I hope to continue a graphic and web design academic path at Concordia University. I am a freelance web and graphic designer on the side! I create websites from scratch, but I still work with templates for those on a budget!

Daniel Andrade Profile Picture
Daniel Andrade Profile Picture

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If you are reading this, chances are, I haven't bored you yet! If you are interested in getting to know me better, I suggest that you keep on reading!  I am currently going through an industrial minimal design phase, but I am always open to new styles and concepts! Trends come and go in my field, and I always find a way to learn and adapt to them! I focus mostly on web design now, but this passion only grew to what it is today because of my love for design! I self-taught myself how to use photoshop and illustrator during my high school years, and I enjoyed every aspect of it. By my senior year, I was taking on little projects for friends and clients online, and my aspiration and appreciation for design only expanded from there! If you are still interested in getting to know me more or want to work with me. You can swing me an email, and we can exchange contact information, and we can go from there!

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