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Dream Car Rentals

Montreal based Car Rental Agency


Their Goal

The came to me to produce a well balanced website to display their fleet and talk about their overall company. Their goal is to attract new clients and seek new ones as well.

Attract clients

Bringing new clients to help grow their empire of car rentals.

Recurring clients

Implicate a method to make sure those same clients keep coming back.

Their History

Dream Rentals was founded in 2018, and has grown significantly over the year thanks to our hard working visionary team, partnerships and all the clients who put their trust into us. We cater to VIP clients that are looking to rent from 1 day up to 6 months, with luxury vehicles and exotic cars. Need to be picked up at the airport? Just ask. Looking for VIP tickets to a show in town? Just ask. Want a table in one of Montreal's nightclubs? Just ask.

Anything you need, just ask.Text taken from Dream Rentals website.