Tire Check

Tools: Figma and Adobe Illustrator. 
Duration: 1 - 2 months

A speculative application focused on prolonging the tire lifecycle.

Self-initiated Project

Duration: 5 Weeks (2023)


• Creative Direction
• UI/UX Designer
• Branding
• Logo designer


• Daniel Andrade (Solo)



the brief

Overview of the project

In this project, Daniel took a calculated approach to create a marketplace application that promotes sustainability and reduces waste by extending the life cycle of tires. By utilizing speculative research and user-centric design principles, a community-driven platform was created that encourages individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

The conceptualized space was designed with a user-centric approach, focusing on intuitive navigation, clear messaging, and a visually appealing interface. User feedback was incorporated to ensure that the design meets the needs of the target audience and provides a seamless user experience.

The project consists of 37 interfaces, all linked and interactable using Figma's presentation tool.

the Challenge

Designing a user-friendly marketplace application

The challenge was to create an application that could deliver an informative yet easy-to-use layout for newcomers, with a simple concept resembling Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji, an online classified advertising website based in Canada that sells used items.

the solution

Applying research

Conducting research into Hick's Law and Fitt's Law, as they have been proven to be valuable tools in helping better understand how humans interact with digital products.


App map

To begin the design process, a site map was constructed to lay out the functions and paths users can take while navigating the application. This allowed for a comprehensive understanding of how the application will function and its accessible pages.


A/B testing

Daniel conducted limited A/B testing to gather feedback on the application design's usability, page navigation, and other related aspects. The test subjects were professors and students in Daniel's class, providing diverse feedback that helped improve the final outcome. As a result, Daniel combined the best aspects of both prototypes presented during the A/B testing phase to create the final design.

final outcome

3rd and final prototype

In response to the feedback received from the two prototypes, Daniel applied constructive criticism to the third and final design. The latest iteration successfully addresses all previously identified issues and presents a more user-centric and intuitive approach compared to the initial two prototypes.

Please enter into full screen mode to fully immerse yourself into the prototype or click here to open a new tab to the prototype.


Final remarks and moving forward

The self-initiated conceptualized tire application project has been an enriching and enlightening experience for Daniel, bringing together user-centric design principles, sustainability, and a strong focus on environmental impact. By exploring Hick's Law and Fitts' Law, Daniel delved into psychological principles that were previously unfamiliar, broadening his understanding of user-centred design.

The project's emphasis on sustainability, combined with the insights gained from applying Hick's Law and Fitts' Law, has shifted Daniel's design perspective. It has led him to prioritize user experience over visual aesthetics and to incorporate environmental considerations into the early stages of his idea. Daniel believes that this sustainable mindset will become a natural part of his design approach as he moves forward in his studies. Furthermore, this project has demonstrated the ever-evolving nature of design and its potential to permeate various industries for a better tomorrow. Daniel is enthusiastic about the possibility of turning this project into a reality through an extensive independent study at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. The idea of combining both an affordable and sustainable tire solution for a growing industry with no way to recycle tires fully has sparked interest in Daniel to move forward. Especially given Canada's harsh climates, tires need to be changed often, with every car owner having at least two sets of tires, one for winter and one for summer.

Ultimately, Daniel's goal is to make this application accessible to everyone around the world, contributing to a more sustainable future, even if it means a small drop in the bucket; small drops make a mighty ocean.

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