my work

Malverent Magazine Cover

Malverent - Cover Design

Malverent is an editorial car magazine cover concept aimed to target a niche market of car enthusiasts.

How to Build a computer Booklet

How to: Guide - Booklet Design

A booklet written and designed by yours truly. Teaches beginners what each component does and how to assemble a computer yourself.

Poster a Day

Poster a Day - Poster Design

A personal project in which I dedicated time every day during the holidays to create an abstract poster.

Crate&Barrel Booklet Analysis

Annual Report - Booklet Design

Roots 2018 Annual Report redesign.

Crate&Barrel Booklet Analysis

Crate&Barrel - Booklet Design

Simplifying Brand Analysis booklets through personal research on the company Crate&Barrel.

Josef Müller Bifold

Josef Müller - Bi-fold Design

An Informative card for a Josef Müller exhibition.