Landoris - Case Study

Art Direction - UI/UX Design - Branding

Landoris is a nonprofit organization focused on reducing the homeless population in Montreal. They hope to do this by promoting card-sized business cards that you can easily store in your wallet or purse to then hand over to the next homeless person you see. This is conceptualized personal project that I hope to make into reality this summer.

The brief

To create a company that will create awareness and help the community of Montreal to contribute to a community in need of help.


The biggest challenge of this conceptualized project was the overall thought process and outcome. The idea was clear to me but bringing that project to life was my biggest struggle. However, giving myself an extremely tight deadline of a few days pushed me into creating something truly remarkable.


The image above is the brain of the project. This business card shaped infographic guide card is what allowed this project to be possible. The goal is to sell this card in packs to then be handed out to homeless people around the city. Easy to carry and takes less than a few seconds out of your day to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Website Plan

The site map helps analyze the websites structure.


Landoris logo approaches two visually different styles. Playful and professional. This concept aims to make the logo seem approachable but keeping it still professional.


Concept of how the Landoris website would look on a mobile perspective.

Colour Decision

A punch of red with a dab of blue. Same concept with the logo.


A playful approach with the red and a more calm refined atmosphere with the blue.

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