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3 Weeks
Strategic Direction
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The proposal Daniel suggests is a student-only food bank tour, hosted at universities across the UK. The tour would offer a safe area within the university for students to gather and unwind, while also assisting them in obtaining the food they require.
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Let’s reinvent what students think a food bank is.
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Daniel Andrade (solo)
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Full Plate Food bank Website PrototypeFull Plate Website Prototype
Addressing Food Insecurity
Among UK University Students.
As an exchange student, Daniel was initially unaware of the financial burden that many UK university students face. The high cost of tuition fees, combined with limited government aid and subsidies, can result in significant amounts of debt for students. This can make it challenging to afford basic necessities like food, especially for students who may already be living on a tight budget.

The challenge now for the client Full Plate Food Bank was to create a food bank only for students and for them to feel comfortable and welcomed at a food bank, which is why Daniel focused on branding the food bank in a friendly and exclusive way, reinterpreting what a food bank is for students to feel comfortable and to forget what they initially imagined what a food bank is. This strategic direction that Daniel suggests welcomes a new market for student only food banks. Covid has had a significant impact on the global economy and no short of that has hit students world wide. Daniel believes we must adapt and move forward with the times and create new environments which weren't previously needed such as student focused food banks.
Full Plate paper Bag conceptFull Plate paper Bag concept
Building on the mission to create a friendly and welcoming food bank exclusively for students, Daniel incorporated his passion for sustainability into the initiative. He contacted the print manufacturers of Morrisons, a well-known supermarket company, and gathered up their misprinted paper bag collections. Daniel proposed to use these paper bags for the Full Plate food bank to further its interest in creating a zero-cost, zero-waste food bank. Not only are these paper bags 100% recyclable, but they are also produced sustainably from managed forests in Wales. By using these bags, the Full Plate food bank is able to reduce its environmental impact while providing students with the essential support they need.
Full Plate Wireframe and Prototype
By developing the website in stages, Daniel has been able to refine and iterate his initial concept. The creation of a mockup has allowed for the final prototype to take shape, with a clear understanding of the importance and hierarchy of each section. The website has been designed in a single-page format, allowing for easy navigation and a streamlined user experience. While there are subsidiary pages for registration, all necessary information is presented on the homepage due to the limited information required. The resulting website structure provides a well-organized and easily accessible platform for students to utilize as a hub for the tour dates of the next locations Full Plate food bank will attend.
Full Plate Poster Bus stop picture
The Full Plate Food Bank project presented a challenge for Daniel to not only develop a solution but also to create a compelling narrative for the brand. From inception to completion, Daniel directed the entire direction of the project, starting with an open-ended concept that allowed for original and innovative ideas to take shape.

The concept of merging a food bank with tour dates as a pop-up shop event located in the school was the highlight of the project, showcasing Daniel's continued perspective in creating fresh and captivating ideas that inspire him to do more similar work. The focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and originality has transformed the perception of food banks for students by providing a more comfortable and welcoming environment for students in need.

By incorporating a limited-time and exclusive approach to the project, the Full Plate Food Bank has built its own audience, with others sharing and spreading the word about the event that only occurs for a day. The entire concept of what a food bank is initially gets buried down from the sheer hype and new branding presentation that it allows students to reinvent what a food bank really is to them.
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