Dream Rentals - Case Study

Web Design - Web Development - Reservation Implementation

Dream Rentals is an exotic car rental company located in Montreal Qc. They came to me with the project of revamping their website and shooting a drone video with the help of their equipement

The brief

Develop a website / single use site that would work as a page of directory to help guide clients to viewing their fleet, rent on their site and view further information in a sustainable and future proof design.


Developing a website that would be able to stay in use for multiple years to come. The site had to reflect the company's colours, values and keep a rich and luxury feel while browsing through the site. Dealing with luxury high end rentals must have that feel reflected on the site. each animation and choice of fonts have been curated to help keep emphasis on the luxury feel.


A website that was able to host the reservation platform, display their fleet, and manage personal requests.

Design Process

I am a visual designer. Sitemaps help me layout the framework in front of me to easily understand the structure in which the site will be laid on.

OK but what's the purpose?

I create site maps for all my projects regardless of budget. Normally not shared with the client but can be if we are not on the same page.


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