DNA Automobile
Case Study

Tools: Webflow, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator. 
Duration: 1 - 2 months

DNA Automobile is a used car dealership located in Mascouche, Quebec. They sought to simplify the car buying experience for both the client and the user. Through a streamlined approach to the design, the user can easily navigate the dealership's inventory while still providing rich information.

Duration: 5 Weeks (2021)

Role & Responsibilities

• Sole UI/UX Designer
• Sole Web developer using Webflow


• Daniel Andrade (Solo)


Pre-owned automotive dealership

the brief

Overview of the project

Develop a website that displays DNA Automobile's inventory of preowned vehicles and create a CMS database to automate adding and deleting new cars. In addition, create an easy user flow solution to convert visitors to happy car owners.

the Challenge

Present valuable information quickly & easily digestible.

The challenge for the DNA Automobile project is to design a layout that is both intuitive and informative, providing a rich user experience in a condensed space. The goal is to streamline the user's search process for their perfect preowned vehicle, while also making it easy for them to contact a sales representative and complete a purchase. The website must also incorporate a CMS database for efficient and automated updates to the inventory, making it easy for the client to manage their website content.

the solution

Information packed listings

Present key significant details in each listing box that intrigues the potential buyer to learn more about the car listing.


Direct contact points

Offering multiple contact methods to the dealership is a critical aspect of the website design. The website should have three constant contact points that are easily accessible for the user, such as an email address, phone number, and the ability to leave a message directly on the website. By offering multiple contact methods, potential customers can reach out in a way that is most convenient for them, increasing the chances of a sale.


Market Research & Competitor Analysis

The project was initiated by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors to create a strategy for the client to surpass their competition. Through market research and extensive analysis of competitors, the weaknesses of the client's competition were identified, and short-term solutions were developed to achieve success and outperform the competition.

User interviews

Understanding my potential users needs and issues

I chatted with potential car rental users to conduct a thorough evaluation of what each user's purpose, needs and friction points were when accessing a car rental site. This allowed me to understand better what direct area of interest the users were interested in and what needed adapting to achieve a higher success rate on placing an order with a car rental. With this in mind, each user has given me different circumstances that have allowed me to accommodate each user's demands.


Thoughts and Resolutions

This case study came about because of the amount of research that went into the project. I never thought I'd create a case study on a car rental site however, due to its nature of being a niche market of Luxury rentals, I felt that it would be good to share my findings and experiences from users that helped the team tap its true potential for being one of the top leading luxury car rental providers in Montreal.

My process for this project was different this time around. I had a lot of responsibilities that helped me know where all the pieces go, but it also put a lot of pressure and tasks over my shoulder. Being the designer, developer, videographer, and "drone guy" made things relatively simple in terms of storytelling. With the research and user interviews, I presented a website that not only grabbed the user's attention with the videography but made reserving as simple as 1,2,3.

Most car rental agencies make ordering as complicated as can be. With Dream Rentals. The luxury is in the service and storytelling. Though Dream Rentals was a great project to work on, it showed the lack of user-to-business static there was. As a result, the communication quickly got lost, and I believe that's where I came into play and produced a website that showcased their fleet and offered a walkthrough of making ordering as easy as possible. I believe this project can be a starting point in reusing storytelling to help new niche business ventures effortlessly communicate with their customers/consumers.

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